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  • WinBif

    WinBif is a small utility program for handling Infinity Engine bif files, allowing view and extraction of the contents. Supports cbf and compressed bif file formats as well.

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  • ZlibExtract Library

    ZlibExtract Library is a static 32bit utility library for use with zlibstat.lib (Zlib static library). ZlibExtract encapsulates the various functions found with zlibstat.lib to add the following functionality: List or extract files that match filespec (supports '?', '*' wildcard) contained within a specified zip file to a specified output folder.

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  • TwonkyTray for QNAP NAS Devices

    TwonkyTray is a small self contained program (written in x86 assembler using Win32 API) designed to show the server status (Offline, Idle, Streaming) of the Twonky Media Server running on a QNAP NAS device, list current streaming content and can be set to notify the user when streaming has started.

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  • Spinner Control for Win32 Asm

    Spinner Control is a custom control written in assembly language for use in your projects to help you give your users a visual indication that your application is doing some processing or other operation that may take an unspecified or specified time delay to complete. Includes library, source code and examples using a sample radasm project.

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  • DateTime Library

    DateTime Library is a static library for use with Masm32 SDK which provides simple date and time conversion, manipulation and comparison functions for use in any of your projects. Supports julian date, unixtime conversion to and from other date & time formats and formatted date & time strings.

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Release candidate 7, for Pelles C is available. Includes 32bit and 64bit versions and an Add-In SDK. Full list of changes can be found here: http://www.smorgasbordet.com/pellesc/changes_700_800.htm

Downloads for this new release can be found here: http://www.smorgasbordet.com/pellesc/download.htm

Jochen has a new release of his MasmBasic package: (Last Updated 10 February 2015) http://masm32.com/board/index.php?topic=94.0


Ziron, the mixed low and high level assembler has had a recent update:

Version (23.01.2015)


As some of you will be aware, the personal website of japheth (located at www.japheth.de) - has been down for a few months. It did appear up a couple of times for a day or so at a time, but so far it hasnt made any reappearance. guga at the masm32 forums had a backup of the site and uploaded it as a torrent.

I have kept of copy of the torrent and if anyone is ever looking for it, let me know here or on the masm32 forums and i will begin seeding it.

Here is the original post with the torrent file: http://masm32.com/board/index.php?topic=3624.msg38149#msg38149

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