Finally i got round to finishing work on my TemplateEngine Library! consider it an alpha version for the moment.

Read more: TemplateEngine Release

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Ive recently been doing some coding to create plugins & plugin sdks for the x64dbg debugger (, both for Masm (32bit) and JWasm64 (64bit). And mainly because of that, ive also added a new other projects section which includes all these new projects including work with integrating JWasm/JWasm64 into RadASM. Hopefully someone will find these projects useful.

The open source code for these projects is available on bitbucket and this is most likely where the most up to date versions of these projects can be found:

News & Updates

Jochen has a new release of his MasmBasic package: (Last Updated 10 February 2015)


News & Updates

Release candidate 7, for Pelles C is available. Includes 32bit and 64bit versions and an Add-In SDK. Full list of changes can be found here:

Downloads for this new release can be found here:

News & Updates

Ziron, the mixed low and high level assembler has had a recent update:

Version (23.01.2015)

News & Updates

As some of you will be aware, the personal website of japheth (located at - has been down for a few months. It did appear up a couple of times for a day or so at a time, but so far it hasnt made any reappearance. guga at the masm32 forums had a backup of the site and uploaded it as a torrent.

I have kept of copy of the torrent and if anyone is ever looking for it, let me know here or on the masm32 forums and i will begin seeding it.

Here is the original post with the torrent file:

News & Updates

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