So turns out the downloads on the site where not working. Thanks to ragdog for pointing that out to me. Toggled a setting and all seems to be working now. In other news, my zlibextract library is released. v1.1 which added a callback function to receive file info whilst listing or extracting a zip archive. I uploaded a simple gui example as well to show some basic functionality - a small winzip like clone. Feel free to download and have a look at it.

I might add more stuff to the zlibextract library at some later point - or leave it for others to continue with it. Im still looking to go back to older unreleased projects and try and kickstart them again. Autoupdater is one candidate i should get back to soon, i keep promising myself, and the TemplateEngine project is one i want to get round to as well - been thinking about virtual stacks and RPN - reverse polish notation and all that stuff for evaluating a variable in a text file that needs to be replaced (using the TemplateEngine) but hopefully at some point with simple functions: Upper, Left, Right, Lower string functions in particular - and thats where the RPN and virtual stacks comes into play.

So i started putting down some basic code to get the creative juices flowing, and fingers crossed it get round to doing more soon.



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