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 Using INI Files: Part 1

.ini files have been around since the early days of windows 3.0, where windows itself would store some of its own information in a win.ini file. Other programs would use the win.ini as well, to store their own information. Eventually Microsoft moved to the registry as a way of handling the data for itself and other programs - not quite a database and not quite a flat text file format - more of a hybrid type system. So why not just use the registry?

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Multilingual Framework For MASM Programs & Projects

Recently, I developed a small program called TwonkyTray, and after releasing it I had a request, by a forum member on the QNAP forum where i announced it, to include German language as an option.

Of course i was delighted to get some feedback and a request for a new feature, and begin looking for a way to include this in my program without having to rewrite too much.

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