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WinBif is a small utility program for handling Infinity Engine bif files. The bif file format is used with a number of games: Baldurs Gate, Baldurs Gate: Shadows of Amn, Baldurs Gate: Throne of Bhaal, Icewind Dale I & II and Planescape Torment. All versions of these games from, Steam, Beamdog, other online providers or from original retail CD/DVDs are supported.

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New: WinBif can now handle bif files (and rim, erf, mod, hak, nwn files) from other games: Jade Empire, The Witcher, Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic I & II and Neverwinter Nights.

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The latest version of WinBif is v1.0.1.2

Last Updated On 03/04/2016

WinBif is a 32bit program for:

WinBif will create a WinBif.ini file in the a specific folder depending on your operating system:

All settings can be modified by the options dialog or by directly editing the WinBif.ini file.